Import a location and open it with Google Maps in your form. 

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1. Create the database

To begin with, you need to create a database with all the information needed, for example: client, telephone, email, address, location.

You can create the database with Excel, Google Sheets, et cetera. Make sure that you meet all the requirements. To have an effective data import to the platform, all the columns of the document need to have a title and the first column has to be called 'id' and needs to include a unique combination of numbers/letters.

If your document is an Excel file, make sure that it has the correct .xslx extension so that the data can be imported. 

2. Search for the location

Once you have all the information ready, it is the moment to add Google Maps' location to your database. In order to do so, look for the address that you want to add to your database on Google. Like: 

3. Use the coordinates

You only need the link to Google Maps ( plus the coordinates: 

  • Latitude: 37.3390289
  • Longitude: -5.9788817

4. Add the location to the database

In order to finish the database, you will need to add some new columns. Add a column for the latitude and one for the longitude, where you need to insert the coordinates of each location. 

Also add a column called Comma and add a comma (,) in the first cell of the column. Add a column called Google Maps where you will copy the fixed part of the url:, adding ?q=. So add to the first cell. 

Add one more column called Location in order to insert the correct Google Maps' links. To do so, you can use the CONCATENATE function in Excel or Google Sheets.

Make sure that you write the data in the appropriate order: =CONCATENATE (Google Maps; Latitude; Coma; Longitude). 

When making the formula you can fix the reference (F4) to the Google Maps and Coma cells. 

In this case, it will be  =CONCATENATE($K$2;H2;$J$2;I2)

Create this formula for the first location and then pull the cell down so that the formulas of the locations in the cells below are automatically added.

After following all these steps, you will obtain a document similar to this one. 

5. Import data to MoreApp

Login to the Platform. Go to Data Sources tab and click Add a data source. 

You have the option of importing using three different formats (access the tutorial of how to do it just by clicking the desired option):

After adding the data source, you will need to import the data by clicking Schedule import

6. Add the Search-widget

Go to the digital work order form where you want to add the data source, click Edit Form and add the Search-widget. 

Edit the Search-widget by clicking the pencil and give the widget a name at the Label field. To finish, choose the data source you have just imported at Data source. Once the data source is selected, click Save

 Now, click Save & Publish so that your form is available to be filled using the app.

7. Fill in the form

Open the App and open the form. Open the Search-widget and click on the info icon of the customer you want to see the location from

Once the details appear, click on the location link and you will be redirected to Google Maps.

After clicking on the link, a map will appear with a pin at the location.

Once you have seen the location within the map, you can come back to the form and continue filling it in.

8. Congratulations!

You now know how to import and open Google Maps location in your form. 

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