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With MoreApp you can easily switch between plans. When selecting a different plan, we show you a preview of your next invoice. 

When downgrading to a lower plan, this change will be effective from your next invoice onwards. When upgrading to a higher plan, this change will be effective immediately. 

Here's an example of what happens when selecting a higher plan:

You sign up for the Leaf plan on the 14th of February (45 €/month).

The invoice date will be the 14th of every month.

After some days, on the 28th of February, you upgrade to a Branch plan (175 €/month).

You immediately enjoy the features of the Branch plan!

What does the invoice look like when upgrading? 

The invoice date will be updated to the day of your upgrade (in the example, 28th February). On that same day, the next invoice will be generated. You will be compensated for the ‘unused’ days of the Leaf plan.

- 22,5 € for Leaf (half month)

+ 175 € for Branch (the month in advance)

What happens if you downgrade?

You will be downgraded to the lower plan the day your billing cycle starts. Following this example, it will be the 14th of March. 

If you have any questions regarding your invoices, please contact us through support. We will be happy to help you!