Use the image widget to upload an image from your desktop library to the form.

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1. Add a form

To get started you will need to be logged into the MoreApp Platform. Next, create a new digital form or select an existing form. Once you have your preferred form you will need to click on Edit Form

Once you're in your form, double click on the Image-widget to have it inserted into your form. By clicking on the pencil of the widget you'll see the properties of this widget.

2. Label

Give the widget a name by typing text in the Label field. This is optional. 

3. Access gallery

Next, you can access your photo gallery by clicking on the Select image button.

4. Select image

You can select the image you wish to upload by clicking on the image if you can already see it in the gallery.

 If you cannot see the image you wish to upload in the gallery then you must click on the button Choose file. Once you have selected the image, it will automatically appear on your form.

5. Save & Publish 

Once you have uploaded the desired image, click Save & Publish to save the changes made.

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