A registered company with experience in developing software and integrations via API. Technical Partners provide integrations and custom work to MoreApp customers.

Note: You need to generate €200 MRR to start the partnership. For example, having a client with a Leaf plan and another one with a Branch plan.

What are the benefits of becoming a Technical Partner? 

These are the benefits of a Technical Partner:

  • Possibility of an own Branded App in the App Store and Google Play Store
  • Generate more business opportunities

What obligations do I have as a Technical Partner?

As a Technical Partner, you need to:

  • Help your customers by providing first and second-line support on the developed integrations. If there are Technical issues related to MoreApp, we will be assisting you.
  • Have a Service Agreement signed with your customer. It’s the Partner’s responsibility to ensure that this agreement is signed with the client.

Note: In the Partner contract you will find all the obligations stated.