An Account Owner is a user who is able to manage the account and Billing. Do you want to know more about the Account Owner and how to make another user Account Owner?  Read this Help Center. 

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Why an Account Owner?

So we know who to contact with updates regarding:


  1. Special offers

  2. Out of submission emails


  1. Legal agreements

  2. Delete account requests


  1. Unpaid invoices

  2. Adjust Billing information

Product updates

  1. Expected changes and updates for this account.

Every account has one Account Owner. An Account Owner is able to:

  • Manage Account

  • Manage all Billing enquiries

  • Assign the role of Account Owner to another user

The Account Owner can be found in the Users tab. Click on the All Users group. At the top, you will see the Account Owner.

Important note: There is only one Account Owner per account!

How to make another user Account Owner?

Only the Account Owner can transfer its ownership to another user.

Note: The previous Account Owner will lose its rights as an Account Owner immediately.

Go to the Users tab, search for the user you want to transfer the ownership to and click on the eye icon. Change Role to: Account Owner.

Note: The old and the new Account Owners will get an email about the transfer of ownership.

The previous Account Owner automatically gets the role: Account Administrator. If you want to adjust this, select another role for the previous Account Owner by clicking on the eye icon.

If you need help with transferring the ownership, please send us an email.

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