Have you received an email stating that one of your integrations has failed? In this post, we explain why you have received this email and what you can do.

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We want to make your MoreApp experience as simple as possible. Therefore, we have created an email to inform you whenever there is a problem with the integrations of your forms.

Note: You can receive a maximum of one email per day, and one email per form.

The Form Manager will receive an email when an integration failed. This email informs you about the failed integration and related form.

You are receiving this email so you can take immediate action. Click on the View submission button to navigate to the form in the Platform.

Note: You will receive these emails if you:

  • Have been added to a group, with rights to update forms
  • Have permission to manage forms
  • Have the permission: Manage All Folders & Forms

Your rights on an Account level override your rights on a Form or Folder level.
For example, if you are not the Form Manager on a Form level but you have the right to 'Manage All Folders & Forms' on an Account level (Administrator role), you will continue receiving these emails. 

Find below an example of the email:

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