Welcome to MoreApp. In this Help Center post, you will learn everything you need to know about how to get started with MoreApp. Find out how you best use the App and our Platform with our Free Starter Kit. Are you ready to digitise your company’s processes? 

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1. Welcome to MoreApp 

Great that you are ready to get started with our tool. MoreApp is the leading field service tool to digitise your forms, streamline workflows and improve collaboration within your team. It’s our mission to make your life easier.


Note: Your company should already have started our 14-day trial period or have an active subscription.


2. How will MoreApp benefit my company? 

Digitising your processes will have many advantages for your company. You will: 

  • Save time

  • Have access anywhere

  • Improve collaboration

  • Optimise processes

3. How do I Manage my Team?

3.1. I need to invite a user. What’s next? 

Follow the steps from this Help Center post to invite and manage users. Make sure to grant your users the right role and permissions.

What are the different roles?

With MoreApp it is possible to manage roles. You can choose to work with our Default Roles, or you can create Custom Roles with Advanced User Management, which is available from our Tree plan.

  • Manage the account

Become Account Owner to have all the Account Administrator permissions and access to the Billing tab.

  • Create forms

Become Account Administrator or Form Manager to have access to the Platform, to create forms.

  • Fill out forms

Become Form User to have access to the App or Web App, to fill out forms.

3.2. I am invited as a user. What’s next?

If you have received a user invitation from your company, you are ready to get started!

All you have to do is follow the instructions in the email. Click on the link to accept the invite and activate your user profile. Then, you can log in with your credentials, which is most likely your work email address.

What if I haven’t received a user invitation? 

It is best to contact the Administrator of the company account to request a new invitation.

4. How do I get started with the Platform? 

I want to work with the Form Builder

Use our Form Builder to digitise your forms. You can create your forms from scratch or use one of our ready-to-use TemplatesEven our templates can be adjusted to your company’s needs.

Use our drag and drop widgets to add fields and customise your form. Read more about how to create a form in this post.

I want to create Tasks 

You can notify users to complete a form with a Task. By pre-filling parts of the form, you can assign the form to another user to finish or validate the tasks. Read more about Tasks

I want to work with Integrations

You can integrate MoreApp with your other tools through: 

  • Ready-to-use integrations

  • Zapier 

  • Webhooks

  • API 

The possibilities are endless. Discover more about integrations

I want to work with Data Sources 

Import data to your forms with data sources. You can import data via Excel, URL or Google Sheets. 

I want to Manage my Users

In the Users tab, you can invite, assign roles and grant permission to your company users. Read more details in this post.

5. How do I get started with the App? 

With our App, you can fill out the forms and complete the tasks assigned to you.

You can get started by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Accept the invite in your email

  • Step 2: Download the App from Google Play Store or App Store

  • Step 3: Log into the App with your credentials

  • Step 4: Fill out and submit your forms 

The App works both online and offline.

How to use the App? Check out this Help Center post

Note: If you cannot access any form in your App, contact your Account Administrator to grant you access to the forms.


6. Support

For answers to most Frequently Asked Questions, you can check our Help Center. Here you can find step-by-step guidelines, resources per topic and tutorials. In our General FAQ, you can find an overview of the most popular questions. 

Do you require more assistance? You can contact our Support Team via chat, email or submitting a new support ticket. Our business hours are, from Monday to Friday, between 9:00 and 17:00 CET.

Note: If you are a Form User and require internal changes in your form, data source or user permissions, you should contact your Administrator or Project Manager. 

7. Would you like a Custom-made Starter Kit?

Do you want our help to implement MoreApp for your company? Our Team happily helps you out with Custom-made Starter Kit for companies. Find out more about this.

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