If you completed a form, you can export and download the data to Excel. 

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1. The submission 

In order to get started exporting data, you will need to be logged into the MoreApp Platform. Select the form you want the data exported from under Forms. Once you've selected the form go to the Submissions tab to see a summary of the data. You can drag, select, and position the data to your preference with the Select Columns option. Also you can use the Search button to search for a specific submission or a group of submissions.

You can also organise the data alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the column name and by clicking on the eye icon, you will be able to see even more information about the submission. Read here all about the Submission Details. 

2. Export the data  

Now you can start exporting data. If you want to have all the data exported at once click on Export All, which can be found at the bottom of the Submissions tab. You can also export each completed form separately or select multiple submissions by simply clicking on them. If you want to reset your selected submissions, click on Clear selection. Once you've selected the forms of your choice, click on Export Selected and the file will be downloaded automatically. 

3. Congratulations! 

You have successfully exported your data to an Excel file, keep in mind that the file will be downloaded as a zip file with an Excel file and separate photo's and signatures. Now you can open the Excel file to see the data from your completed forms.  

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