The Stopwatch-widget allows you to track time in your form. Press the button to start, stop, and reset the clock. 

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1. Add the widget

Go to the MoreApp Platform, select a form and click on Edit Form. Go to the Pro tab and add the Stopwatch-widget.

Now, edit the Stopwatch-widget by clicking on the pencil. Here you can give the widget your own Label and click on Save.

Also, publish the form by clicking Save & Publish

2. Use the widget

Open your form in our app for Android, iOS, or Web.

You can start the stopwatch by pressing Start. If you need to stop it, click on the square button on the right side. You can also reset the stopwatch by clicking on Clear

Note: The stopwatch keeps running in the background when you save and close the form as a draft.

The result of the Stopwatch-widget in the PDF export will be for example: 00:03.12. 

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