The Video-widget will let you record or select a video. Download the video by clicking on the generated URL in the registration.

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1. Install the Video-widget

Download the Video-widget in the MoreApp Marketplace. Go to the Marketplace, and search for the Video-widget in the Widgets tab. Finally, click on Install.

2. Build a form

Go to the MoreApp Platform and build a new inspection form. Click on Edit Form and click on Installed. The widgets you have installed in the Marketplace are all visible. Drag the Video-widget to the place where you want to have the widget in your form. Click on the pencil of the widget and give the widget the correct name in the Label field. Choose the Maximum duration in seconds. Thirdly, select the Video Quality. Finally, you can make the widget mandatory by checking the Required box. Click on Save and on Save & Publish

3. Configure the email

Do you want to add the downloadable URL of the video in the email? Click on the dropdown menu Placeholders and select the placeholder of the video. Click on the placeholder, and the next screen will be visible. In the Text to display field you can fill in the name of the link.

4. Record a video

Open your form in the app or in the webclient. Click on Add a video. Choose existing video or Record new video. Next, click on Send to send your form.

5. Download the video

When you have configured the email and PDF settings, you can download the video by clicking on the URL in the PDF report. You can also export the registrations to Excel. The Excel file will include a downloadable link of the video. 

The PDF-file:

Warning: the Video-widget costs 5 extra credits for every time you use it. If you have the widget in your form, but you have not recorded a video, the 5 extra credits will not be deducted from your account. Do not check the Required box, if you are not always recording videos.

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