With the Search-widget you can search in the imported data and filter the results.

1. Import data

First import a data source. There are 3 ways to import data:

  1. Google sheets
  2. Excel
  3. URL

2. Settings of the Search-widget

There are a few settings available in the Properties of the Search-widget;

Label: Here you fill in the name of the widget.
Data Source: Here you can choose the correct data source. Next, the columns of the data source you added will be visible. You can select the columns you want to have visible in the app.
Default Value: Here you can add a value that is already set when you start searching.
Filter: Filter the results using value of other fields in your form, so that only the imported data with the filter is visible.
Allow barcode scanning: Selecting this, you can scan a barcode so a product will show up. At step 3, you will find further explanation.
Remember last search query: Check to remember your last search query. The search query will be executed automatically.
Required: If checked, this field must be filled in to be able to send the work order form.
Remember  input: Check this to remember the last input of the user on that device for the next registration. If you have set a default value as well, remember input will not function. 

3. Add barcodes of a product

Optionally, you can also scan a barcode so a product will show up.
In the Excel, Google sheets or URL you can insert the barcode of different products. For example: 

After you added the data source you can add the Search-widget to your form.
Select Allow barcode scanning.
Click on Save and Save & Publish. 

4. Filling in the form

When you click on the barcode in the Search-widget in the app it will look like: 

After you scanned the barcode, it will look like: 

You can also click on the Search-widget and fill in the name or the barcode of the item you are looking for:

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