Of course, it is possible to integrate MoreApp with other software.

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You can easily connect MoreApp with other systems. Use our API or other integrations to integrate MoreApp with your other tools. Besides our standard export options, such as email, PDF and Excel, MoreApp offers API’s that also supports other integrations. Integrate MoreApp with your CRM, ERP or other back- or front office systems such as Microsoft Dynamics, Exact, Atlassian, Salesforce or SAP.


Integrations for Processing your Data
Create workflows or export your data to Word, Google Sheets or other databases.

Free API Acces
Use our free API to integrate MoreApp with other tools. Import or export data, and dispatch pre-filled forms. Check out our Developer Docs for more information.

Note: Every API which is not documented in our API documentation can be changed at any moment.