Using the Pin-widget you can specify positions on a map, floor plan, or photos and add any additional information. 

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1. Add the Pin-widget

Once you have logged on to the MoreApp Platform, you can select the intake form in which you would like to add the widget. Click on Edit Form, double-click on the Pin-widget under the Widgets tab and it will be added to your form. 

2. Configure the widget 

You can give the Pin-widget a label by clicking on the pencil in the top-left corner of the widget. You can add an image to the widget so that you can pin additional information to it, by clicking on Select image. You can give users permission to change the image by ticking the allow users to change image check box. Users can upload a photo or PDF report from their mobile device to use in the Pin-widget. The PDF report can be uploaded from Dropbox, Google Drive, or from other sources. MoreApp converts the PDF file to an SVG image. The result of the Pin-widget is only visible in the attachment of the email.

3. Add pins 

Now you can add up to 5 different pins to your form. You can build a subform for each pin with further information to explain in detail, this can be an existing subform or a new one you create. You can also add a unique icon or choose one of the default ones. Lastly, fill in the Item markup (recap in the app) and Tracking Id (title of the pin); placeholders can also be used from the subforms in these fields. Now click on Save.   

4. Start pinning

You can add the five variations as often as you need to the image on your smart device and there are no restrictions. On your smart device, you can zoom in to assign the pins accurately. 


5. Congratulations! 

You have successfully added the Pin-widget to your form, you can now use it to add additional information to your photos, floor plan or map.

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