Make calculations in your forms such as additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions!

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page.

1. Add a Subform

In this example, we will use hours worked times the hourly wage. Select the form and click Edit Form. Double click on the Subform-widget to insert it in your form. Now, you can add the Lookup-widget along with the Number-widget in the Subform-widget. Click on the pencil of the Lookup-widget, to edit the widget, and add the days of the week to the options field. Lastly, edit the Number-widget and name it as Hours. 

2. Summing up

Now we will sum up the hours of the week. Go to the main form. Under the Widgets tab you will see the pro tab. Double click on the Calculation-widget to add it to your form. Now you can edit the widget by clicking on the pencil and choose summing up (+) for the Operator field. Now as a Calculation Term, you can select Hours.

Always click on Save when you're finished editing your form.

3. Multiplying

To multiply the hours worked by the hourly wage, add the Price-widget to your form. Insert another Calculation-widget and select Multiply (*) as the Operator. Lastly, as the Calculation term, select Hours and the Cost per hour.

After that, click Save & Publish.

4. Calculating with fields from the Search-widget

It's also possible to calculate with fields from the Search-widget. 

You can also calculate with Catalogue-widget! 

5. Minimum and Maximum

With the Minimum and Maximum operator, you can find the lowest number and the highest number between several Number-widgets.

As the Operator, choose min or max depending on the result you want to obtain. Add all the Number-widgets as Calculation Terms.

6. Congratulations!

You have successfully installed and configured the Calculation-widget! Now you can divide, subtract, add, and multiply in seconds! 

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