Want to get rid of paper business cards? Make your own digital business card with MoreApp!

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1. Make a lead generation form

Before you start designing your digital business card, you first need to create a digital lead generation form. You can either create one yourself or download the Lead generation template from the MoreApp Marketplace, you can find the template under the Forms tab. When you've decided to download the template and installed it from our Marketplace, go to the MoreApp Platform and press Create new form. Go to the Forms tab and you will find the template under the installed tab. This feature is available in all plans.

If you decide to create your own lead generation form please note that you need to add the Email-widget to your form. This is necessary for the lead to receive your digital business card. All other widgets are optional and can be added depending on your personal preference. You could for example add a Photo-widget to take a picture of your lead business card. Don't forget to press Save when you're finished creating your form.  

2. Make your digital business card

You can create you own digital business card by configuring it as an email which will be send to your lead whenever he/she fills in your lead generation form. How to configure you email can be found here: Configuring your e-mail. You can also add pictures and links to for example your website or LinkedIn page. Besides that, it is also possible to configure your email in MailChimp and export it to MoreApp. How to configure your Email and import it from MailChimp can be found here: Adding a MailChimp design to your MoreApp email. When you follow these steps and configure the email to your liking you'll be able to create your own digital business card just as the one which can be seen below. 

3. Congratulations! 

You have successfully created your own lead generation form and digital business card!