There is a quick and easy way to calculate a discount using the calculation-widget!

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1. Add Number-widget

Select the form you wish to use and click Edit form. In this example, we shall use an Order app template.

Add a Number-widget to your form. Label the widget with the name of the product/service. For example ‘Price MoreApp Sweater’.

2. Add a second Number-widget

Add a second Number-widget and give it the label ‘Discount’. Add the discount amount to the Default value field. 

Note: Make sure to insert the amount as a decimal number, not a percentage. For example: a discount of 25% is 0,75. 

3. Add a Calculation-widget

Add a Calculation-widget. You can find the Calculation-widget under the Pro tab. 

Name the widget Total. Add the operator multiplication ( * ). As calculations terms select the Number-widgets you already added. In this case; Price MoreApp Sweater and Discount.

Tick the box ‘The calculated value is a price’ and select the currency you wish to use.

4. Click Save & Publish

Click Save & Publish for the changes to be saved!

6. How does it look?

When filling in the form, once the price is added a discount will automatically be calculated.

7. Congratulations!

You have successfully learned how to make a discount using the Calculation-widget! 

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