Are you thinking of using the MoreApp API? Do you need to build an integration? Using our API has never been so easy! Follow these steps to create an API key.

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An API key is a unique identifier used to authenticate when using MoreApp’s API.
Note: This feature is available in all the plans but you need to have the permission to manage users.

1. Add your API key

Access the MoreApp Platform and go to the Settings page. Now, open the API keys tab and click on Add.

Settings MoreApp API key

2. Create your API key

Give the new API key a name and click on Save.

New API key MoreApp

Once you save it, a message containing your API key will appear on your screen. 

Keep the new API key safe and store it in a secure place. Click on Copy and put the key in a password manager, for example. 

If you are sure that the API key is securely saved, click on Close.

Note: You will not be able to see this key again.

URL API key MoreApp

The API key you just created will be added to the list on the Platform.

API key list MoreApp

3. Test it out!

Now, authenticate your API key. Add the X-Api-Key header to your requests using the API key created as its value.


  • API endpoints that are not documented in our Developer Docs can not be accessed with an API key (yet). These will result in a 403 status code. Let us know if you are missing endpoints you would like to use.

  • Every API which is not documented in our API documentation can be changed at any moment.

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