Read the important changes of our new App in this Help Center post

Below we have listed the most important new features and improvements

1. Workspaces

Now easily switch between different companies with Workspaces. When your username is added to multiple accounts, you can see your different Workspaces in one overview. Per Workspace, you have access to your forms, drafts and tasks.

2. Reset your Password in the App

Reset your password in the App via Settings. As you are already logged in, you will not receive an email to verify your password.

3. The Search Function changed to a History button 

The Search function has moved and can now be found when clicking on the three dots. Previously this could be found in the left lower corner when opening a form.

Note: If the Search function isn’t enabled in your form setting, you can find an overview of the old submissions instead.

Old App

New App

4. Layout of our widgets

Our Widgets in the App have a new look and feel. This means the Widgets in the Preview of your form in the Platform will look different. We are working currently working hard on changes in our Platform. This is scheduled for later this year.

Old App 

New App

5. Instructions are now called Tasks 

Instructions will be called Tasks instead of Instructions. If you are working on a Task, you can find your Task under the Task tab instead of under Drafts. Here you can check the status of the Task.

Old App

New App

6. Change Automatic Form Updates

When using the old App, drafts and instructions would be automatically updated to the newest published form version.

In the new app, automatic form updates won’t happen for drafts and instructions, since the changes done in a form can affect the way of working for the user. For example, if you change a Rule, the form may not work as expected. 

7. Change of Custom Themes

We improved the usability and accessibility of our New App for all users. This means we have adjusted our colour palette to make it well-readable in various conditions (indoor and outdoor), especially for visibly impaired or colourblind end-users.

What will change?

  • You can no longer create new Custom Themes

  • We have removed Custom Themes as a feature for our Tree and Forest plans.

  • We have applied the new colours of our palette to your current Custom Themes. Your Custom Theme will automatically switch to the nearest default theme colour.

Do you want your app to be recognisable and consistent with your company’s branding? Our Branding module might be the right option for you.

Old App 

New App

8. Manual Upload setting has been dropped

The feature Manual Upload is no longer available. You are able to save your form as a draft and can continue to work on it later. There is no further action required in the Platform. 

The image below shows the Setting in the Platform. 

9. Changes to our HTML-widget

For security reasons, we no longer allow <script> and <style> tags in HTML widgets. If you added these tags, they will be ignored by our new App.

However, you can still use inline styling in HTML to add colours and positioning to your elements.

What happens if I used a <style> block?
You will need to adjust your HTML to use the style attribute in your HTML tags (like this).

Here is an example:

<h3 style="color: green">Hi!</h3>

Other changes:

  1. Our default font size is slightly bigger than before, but you can override this using inline styling, for example: <p style=”font-size: 12px”>

  2. Our default line height is bigger than before, but you can override this using inline styling, for example:<p style=”line-height: 1.2”>

Note: Make sure to check the layout of your HTML widgets in the new App and make adjustments if needed. 

10. Delete submissions in Platform

You can delete submissions only from the Platform in the Submission tab and no longer from the Sent tab in the App.

Sent submissions will no longer be stored locally on your device.

11. Branded Apps

Are you a Branded customer? Our branded apps will be updated later. You will be informed via email about this update.

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