It can happen that you forgot your password or you just want to change it. Follow the next steps to choose a new password. 

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1. Platform

In the Platform and in the app you can click on Forgot your password.

Note: You can also access this page to request a new password. 

Fill in your email address and hit Send password reset email.

You will receive the following email. Click on New password. 

Note: The password reset is valid for 4 hours

The following screen appears. Here you can enter the new password.

Make sure the password contains at least 8 characters.


You have now set a new password! 

2. App

You can also reset your password in the App, under Settings. Go to the Password tab and choose a new password. Once you confirm the new password, click on Change password.

Since you are already logged in, you will not receive an email to verify your password.

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