Use the IBAN-widget to validate IBAN numbers in your digital forms.

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This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plan. Visit our Pricing page

1. Install the IBAN-widget

Go to the MoreApp Platform, select a form and click on Edit Form. Go to the Pro tab, click on Add widget and select the IBAN-widget. Install the widget and go back to your form. 

2. Build a form

The IBAN-widget is visible in the Pro tab. Drag the IBAN-widget to the desired position in the form. Click on the pencil of the widget and give the widget the correct name with the Label field. Finally, you can make the widget mandatory by checking the Required box. Click on Save and then on Save & Publish

3. Fill in a form

Open your form in the app or in the webclient. Enter a valid IBAN number. If the number is correct an 'OK' will appear. If the IBAN number is incorrect 'NOT OK' is shown and the user can't send the form. Click on Send and you will receive an email with PDF report

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