With MoreApp it is possible to import data, such as customer or product data. In this Help Center post, we explain the difference between data import and automatic data import. 

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1. Automatic data import

This feature is available in the Branch, Tree, and Forest plan. Check out our plans here.

With the feature automatic data import, the data is retrieved every week, day, hour, 30 minutes, or 15 minutes! Your forms are provided with the most recent data. In this way, you don't have to press the Schedule import button to load the data you’ve just added to your Google Sheet. 

Automatic data import is available for Google Sheets and by using an URL

Note: This feature is not available for Excel sheets. You need to use an Internet Connection to update all data when some data are added.

Note: If a data source fails more than 10 times for 15 minutes, we'll disable the automatic import.

2. Data import

With the feature data import, new data will be visible after clicking on the button Schedule import

You can import data manually through Google Sheets, using an URL and by using Excel.

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