As a MoreApp partner, you can create and manage customers from the Platform. 

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Did you sign up for the MoreApp partner program? Then you’re ready to create new customers! 

1. Create a new customer

Visit the MoreApp Platform and click on New Customer in the dropdown menu. 

2. Enter the details of the customer

Fill in the details of this new customer. 

Hit Save and click on Choose your plan. 

Note: You can not use the 30-day free trial on these accounts. 

Next, fill in the complete billing information of the customer.

Would you like to pay the invoices for your customer? In that case, enter your billing details and not the billing details of the customer.

Note: You can enter the customer's company name at the account Settings.

In this screen, you can also add your unique coupon code.


3. Select Plan

Select the monthly or yearly plan for your customer.

4. Manage the new account

You are automatically added as the Account Owner to the new account. Now you can set up the account for your customer. 

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