Learn how to create a visit report.

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1. Go to the Forms tab

On the Platform click on + create a new form. Then click on the Edit form button and drag the widgets to the Visit report form.

2. Choose the widgets

Start by selecting the Search-widget in order to search for the customer data. This feature is available in the Leaf, Branch, Tree and Forest plans.

Then select the Date-widget.

3. Using a Lookup-widget

Add the Lookup-widget in order to specify what the reason of the meeting was. In this example the visitor can mention whether the reason for the meeting was for a demo, support or for an acquaintance. By putting these in the Options.

Now use the Text area-widget twice in order to report and to mention a point of action. This widget will come in handy for a visitor that has remarks, then finally click on Save.

4. Congratulations!

You have now successfully created a visit report. Do you want the design of the visit report to look exceptional, and also use MoreApp to sign contracts and offers? With the Word-hook this is certainly possible.

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