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Below you will find the advantages of the Branch plan.


Your investment will be 145 EUR per month or 1595 EUR per year. If you choose a yearly plan you will get a discount of one month! 

Free Submissions

You can submit 700 free submissions per month or 8,400 per year!

You will invest 0,40 EUR per extra submission.

Unlimited users

You can add as many users as you want. Check out how to manage users

Planting trees
Every month you’ll plant 15 trees.


Everything in Leaf +

Custom PDF

Customise the PDF report layout to your liking and personalise it with HTML.

Automatic data import

Data received via forms is automatically imported and conveniently saved on your desktop.


Use integrations which allow you to export data to other softwares.

Use Webhooks to connect MoreApp with any other software.

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